Craftswear (2011)
  This project was about simplifying the existing work trousers and remove features and pockets that are never being used. Interviews were held with craftsmen in different fields in order to identify the goods and bads of existing workwear. One thing that came up is that workwear often are quite baggy and clunky, so the first improvement was to offer a tighter fitting design. Craftswear also has removable nailpockets and they are attached to the trousers with a zipper so they can be removed. This not only gives the carpenter more flexibility, but also gives him or her the opportunity to remove the pockets before using machines that produce a lot of saw dust. That way they don’t have to dig through a bunch of dust searching for nails and screws. The material selected is blue denim. Cotton twill is a strong and durable material and can stand tough wear.  



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